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I am being bullied.....

Speak up! From someone who didn't speak up when I was at school, 30 years on I have made an awful lot of excuses for the #bullies behaviour, but in actual fact there is no excuse for bullying. It is learned behaviour. Nothing I could have done would have changed the outcome, but I can influence the outcome now......through kindness!

School was about Survival and it is still for alot of children these days! I am thankful that I was able to leave it at the gate, at least a nights sleep ready to face yet another day of taunts.

Children these days cannot escape the worry that is caused by Social media these days. It is constantly in their minds, the taunts, the jibes, the need to keep up with the latest trends, the need to wear the latest fashion, the vulture mentality to try and bring someone down to their lowest moment, to even commit suicide. When on earth did bullying become so normal?!?! Social media gives a huge portrayal of the perfect life, when it is actual fact far from perfect. The pressure is immense for children these days!

If I could tell my childhood self the following - it may have changed the course of my life.

* Speak up to someone you trust. What you are going through is far from acceptable. Avoid the bully and make it known that what is happening, is not acceptable.

* What you are hearing and your head being filled with is not true. No-one knows yourself better than you know you! Don't let anyone else convince you otherwise! Who suddenly made the name caller the decision maker on your life? YOU are the one that decides how you feel, how you look, how you act! No-one should put you into a category other than yourself.

* #Snatched #Salty #Gucci #Dope #Sic #Fire #Lit blah blah blah whether you are one of these or NOT it matters not to anyone else. It does not make you the person that you are if you can say a few cool words!

The only word you need is #Kindness and the person you want to become is #Kind.

* Change Social Media with Kind Acts! Just because you're not one of the apparent cool kids at school, you'll be far better remembered for being Kind! If it doesn't work the first time don't give up! Keep going with the kind acts!

* Be an influencer not a follower! It is boring being the same as everyone else! Don't be afraid to be different. Step out in the knowledge that you weren't a sheep at school! You didn't follow the crowd because actually you want to be remembered not forgotten.

* We are told constantly to be brave...but you know are human! It is ok to feel fear. Whatever it is that you are facing, embrace the fear and face it head on. This can be through talking, writing it down, and by facing it head on. Do this through support from family, friends, teachers and anyone you trust. You are probably not alone in this fear. It is our brains telling us otherwise. Trauma / fear affects people in such different ways. Talking helps to stop this fear from becoming overwhelming. It will normalise it and your head will calm down.

* Don't become the bully to try and divert the attention from you. It is very easy to become a sheep and follow the crowd so that you don't become a target. Stick up for those that are being bullied - be kind! Show them kindness by doing kind acts! It is all about the kindness! Spot the theme here?!

* KEEP TALKING - talking is key in everything! Be kind to yourself and talk to someone. You have got this! Don't spend your childhood worrying about what could be. Spend it enjoying yourself and live each day to it's very fullest, learning, exploring, and being kind!

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