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Becoming a bobby!

At this stage I have left school, a new circle of friends and joined college! I then left to join the Civil Service.

At 19 I decided to join the Police as a volunteer!! Building a new and confident me! I signed on the dotted line because back in 1998 when they were recruiting their adverts screamed of "Help your community". I had a huge heart back even then to help the community! Although life hadn't been particularly kind for some reason I still wanted to give back! I was becoming more and more confident. I was an Admin Officer for the Civil Service but something inside of me was saying to go for the adrenalin fuelled, dangerous but rewarding job! So at the age of 24 I joined the Service as a full time Police Officer!

I was the only female on my shift for 2 years when I first joined! Surrounded by mostly 12 ex -forces guys who looked after me! They taught me all I needed to know to look after myself! I felt protected! My brothers and sisters in blue!

As time went on in the Police jobs cuts were happening and there was a noticeable difference in how safe I felt. From being physically surrounded by protection, to reduced numbers. To my mental health changing from de-briefing in the bar to the bars being closed down. Life in the Police Force started to change. I got hurt both physically and mentally. Several incidents which turned pretty nasty, on one occasion being surrounded by a crowd on a balcony and calling for assistance which didn't come for some time. From being dragged into a house and beaten up by a drunk calling for help and it didn't come to deaths that were really horrific to witness. To victims of crime that you felt helpless in helping.

Then my life changed in 2012 forever. My career ended in a flash. Still it took a while to realise that my career had ended whilst my mental health deteroriated dealing with surgery, the loss of friendships due to my injury, the change in my own physical health and activities that I could no longer do. Life was no longer as I knew it......

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