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Here we are....

So I am supposed to start by grabbing your attention here! Well the fact that I got you here is a very good start! So I am currently 41 years of age, mum to 2 children, 3 if you count my assistance dog Bert, as he is pretty much like a toddler! Wife to a lovely husband who has stuck by my side for nearly 10 years now, through the heck of a rollercoaster that we have been on. He continues to be my rock, my go to guy when I just need a good cry and hug! Or even that listening ear when I need a good rant about anything and everything!!

I was a serving Police Officer for 21 years in total! 17 as a regular and 4 years as a Special Constable!

I am really going to be as open and honest as I can about my life throughout this blog. My thoughts and opinions are strictly my own unless otherwise stated! We probs won't agree on some of them but that's what makes us all different right?

Kindness is what I am all about, I live day by day having carried out at least one acts of Kindness, if we all did that then this world could definitely head in a better direction! You'll understand a bit more as to why this is as you delve deeper into this blog.........

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