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Mental Health Support

I thought I should share some support groups to those reading.

The first support is your family and friends - know that they would want to know of your suffering. Despite you thinking that whatever secret it is you are holding on too, whatever it is that you're trying to seek a solution for, is that they want to help you. Tell a stranger if you have too, but tell someone.

That dark place you are in, is not the is just the beginning of a new chapter if you open that door. It can seem like the loneliest place in the world. Just let them in. Most problems can be solved with support. Ending your life is not the answer. The white noise in your head tells you that the best outcome is suicide as you want the noise to stop, but it is NOT the answer. Talking is.

Be the girl in the boat - if you fall in, get back up again and again. It matters not if you are soaking wet and tired, just get back up and you will be supported.

Support - text line for those in crisis. for emergency services.

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