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Queens Voluntary Award 2021

Dear Readers,

Its with great pleasure we have received the #QAVS award for Acts of Kindness Community (Solent). The equivalent of an MBE and the most prestigious award a charity can receive.

I am immensely proud of what AOK has become over the years. The foundations built on Kindness and a willingness to change the lives of others.

Watching those foundations turn into a community this year has been just incredible. Volunteers over the years donating items, giving their time and generous gifts to help others.

As I said in my previous blog about the Covid response, it was scary. A huge fear of the unknown when we stepped up as the mutual aid for the area. It was a challenge I was willing to undertake for the greater good of the community. The efforts of the AOK community were outstanding. From the moment of the call for action, beautiful and incredible people stepped up to support their community. Day in day out as Covid showed no way of letting up. Volunteers of old and Volunteers of New helped give out food, collect prescriptions and still continue on with the Acts of Kindness that we were still undertaking. From Donation stations and supermarkets, to community partners this is all for you. The communities award to recognise their efforts in filling the gaps in the community. For looking out for their fellow humans. For friendships created through community, for the love shown to strangers during difficult circumstances. For teamwork and unity.

This is AOK Community and we are absolutely delighted to receive this award.


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