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Remember me...

Tribute for Remembrance day

The day is young the troops are ready

My heartbeat beating fast but seemingly steady.

Rushed along with our own woes at bay

Because fighting for our country is what it's about today.

My brothers, my comrades and my friends

working together to bring this war to an end

We embark on a journey, who knows where we will go?

Towards the Somme River that's all we know

I say my prayers and draw closer to God.

We are rushed out, given the nod.

Trudging through treacherous ground

The gunfire a harrowing sound.

We reach no man's land and dig deep in the trenches.

My heart rushing fast, my stomach wrenches.

Its 1 July 1916 my name is called out

No time to be scared, no time for doubt.

Running towards feeling i'm in slow motion

My country, my absolute pride showing my devotion

Screams a plenty and bodies slain

A Feeling of helplessness for the ones in pain.

I fight and fight but can fight no more

for a bullet comes my way, through my body it tore.

My life flashes before me, memories of old

A feeling of peace, darkness and cold.

I meet my maker in God above

Surrounded by his embracing love

I hope you remember the sacrifice that I died this way.

Remember in the silence this Armistice day.

Wear your poppies with pride and remember me

Tell the youth and children of all the history.

Don't let them forget the sacrifice of war

and continue to remember what we were fighting for.

For your freedom didn't come easily

The sacrifice of men and women normal like you and me.

Remembrance day 11th November

Remember me always please remember

Kerry Snuggs BEM

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