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The beginning of AOK .....

I was sat in my leg brace at home during the months that I was off in 2014 following my second amount of surgery bored out of my absolute brain! Day time television was mind numbingly boring and so I was on facebook as you do looking at everyones lives when I stumbled across a lady who had lost her wedding rings. My attention was drawn to this situation because of the desperation in the post. No-one was really responding which I felt an overwhelming sadness for. Her husband had passed away from cancer and my head was screaming why isn't anyone helping this lady? The sentimental value surpassed any monetary value.

I responded and started to co-ordinate a small group of people to try and search for the rings. They were found by a couple living nearby and the rings were reunited with the lady.

I was so happy for this lady and that the community could come together in this situation and do a little something to help that I continued on with the group.

During this time the orphanage was hitting some problems with the team in Kenya which was out of my control and sadly my decision to leave was not easy. Corruption is prevalent in Kenya and it is not something I wanted to be involved with nor associated with. My decision was so very hard to make and one that still breaks my heart to this day. I left the home in 2014. I still check in from time to time, but a Dutch foundation very kindly took the home on and is in good hands. It is unbelievable now in 2020 that the children are now teens or have left the home! I feel incredibly proud to have been a part of saving their lives and giving them opportunities to thrive.

Acts of Kindness Community (Solent) was founded in 2014 and born out of a desire to help those in need in the community with the ethos of 'community helping community' and recyling back into the community.

Time and time again in the Police I would go into situations and feel helpless. The community could make small differences in these situations which would impact the person lives greatly. There were many times that were so upsetting and frustrating where we have had to remove children as Police Officers from situations where their mums and dads needed support with provision and helping them through financial hardship.

I began putting every ounce of my energy into setting up AOK despite the intensive physio I was still having on my leg, and trying to walk again! One Act of Kindness one after another....changing our community one AOK at a time.

We are now in 2020, and we now have a 10k strong community. A registered charity and thriving........ who saw that coming eh?! Not me!!!

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