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Tip - 1

Helping someone with Mental Illness.

Good Morning! Today I’m looking after my little boy who has croup!

It got me thinking about how we ask people how they are.

Normally it’s ‘are you ok?’ whilst in passing running into work, or whilst out shopping. Whilst managing a household of kids and husbands/ wives. I’ll just send a quick text and then forget to respond for days..... you get the idea!

So let’s change the way we ask, spend time with the person.

Make them feel valued. I’ve not always been the best friend whilst going through my trauma. I’ve been on the receiving end too in the past. I’m the first to put my hand up to say I’ve not always responded.

Let’s be mindful on how we treat people.... if you ask if someone is ok. Be sure to put time aside to listen: we get too busy with life to listen. Be that mindful family member / friend.

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