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Victor is Victorious! 2012


What an entrance Victor made to Lioness!  October 2012 we were told that Victor was found seriously ill and didn't have a very high chance of survival….4 months if that.  He had alot of medical problems which included his kidneys failing. He spent some time in hospital and went from strength to strength. The day he was allowed home to Lioness was amazing.  He was weak but showed such courage in the face of adversity.  The picture of him that we received initially was of him just sat in a wooden shack, on a bench, in his orange t-shirt and shorts, sat with such sorrow in his eyes.  His frame so very undernourished.  This will remain in my memories forever.  An orphan lost with his grandmother trying to provide for him.   Medical expenses so unrealistically being able to afford.  

I have never prayed so hard for Victor to remain with us, for him to fight the awful illnesses that were ravaging his body and for him to really live up to his name…. To be Victorious.  It felt like Victor was meant to be here.

 These children are pure innocence in such a world that cannot see past greed, corruption and materialistic ways. So many children across the world need help, but are so ignored. It really hurts to feel this way and at the beginning of my time with Lioness, I had to realise that I cannot save every child, but I can make small differences which may have an impact for our future generations.

Meeting Victor for the first time was immense.  So unbeknown to him how much love I had for him, even before I even met him.  He got the biggest squeeze ever, he is such a little dude!  He is doing so very well now and is in education, receiving regular medication and loved so much by his brothers and sisters.  

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